Eye care

At Crayford Optical Centre we recommend regular eye examinations. Our aim is to provide the highest standards of eye care and customer service in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Eye examinations

Our aim is to provide a thorough, in depth eye examination, and our trained professionals will take as much time as is necessary to check the health of your eyes. At the end of the examination we will take the time to discuss your visual needs, and provide the best solutions for you. We examine all age groups include babies.

When you visit us you can be reassured that our optometrist will conduct a thorough professional and unhurried examination. At Crayford Optical Centre we have an extensive range of tests and equipment to examine your eyes and vision. Our Optometrist will customise the tests to your individual needs.

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Children's eye care

It's recommended that a child sees an optometrist before they start school and start learning to read. Often, vision problems can be the reason a child does not perform well at school, for example because they cannot see the board. The earlier a problem is detected the more chance there is of successful treatment. Children's eyes are fully developed by the time they are 8 years old so it is very important to have any problems detected before this.

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Examinations at home

Everyone should have access to good affordable eye care. Eye examinations are especially important as we become older. If you unable to visit us at the practice we would be happy to arrange a home visit. This service is primarily for the elderly and housebound.

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NHS Criteria

As registered NHS opticians we feel it is important to have an eye examination at least once every 2 years as this is a vital health check for your eyes. The NHS provides free eye tests and NHS optical vouchers to certain individuals who qualify.

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